C.H.A.N.G.E, Inc is offering a series of seminars and some of our members can be booked to speak at schools, events, churches and more. For bookings and media requests call  (662) 671-2470 or email 

Programs and Topics

  • Profiling and discrimination in schools and the corporate world (TM Garret)
  • Immigration in the US (TM Garret)
  • Multi Culture or Assimilation (TM Garret)
  • Extremism and Gang Violence (TM Garret)
  • Hate on Social Media and what we can do (TM Garret)
  • From Hate to Compassion / From Neonazi to Peace Activist (TM Garret)
  • Lift yourself up and change (Motivational) (TM Garret)
  • How a former White Supremacist and a former black gang member became best friends (TM Garret & Pastor Ray Johnson)
  • Grief Counseling (Chejuana Chase)